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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
7/26/1614 Jahangir captured Mewar from Rana Amar Singh. A treaty was signed. In the Mughal court, Rana and his son were treated with exceptional courtesy.
7/26/1844 Gooroodas Banerjee was born in Calcutta. He was a Judge of Calcutta High Court.
7/26/1874 Rajarshi Shahu Chhatrapati, great revolutionary freedom fighter and social reformer, was born.
7/26/1891 Rajendralal Mitra (Raja), famous Bengali ancient researcher, passed away.
7/26/1910 Unrest flares up in the Deccan region of India. Demand grows for self-determination.
7/26/1922 Girilal Jain, famous journalist and editor, was born.
7/26/1923 Mukeshchandra Mathur, famous playback singer, was born.
7/26/1927 Gulabrai Sipahahimalani Ramchand, cricketer (valuable all-rounder in 33 Tests for India), was born in Karachi.
7/26/1933 Gandhiji went back to Sabarmati Ashram after his release from jail.
7/26/1956 Godavarish Mishra, famous Oriya poet, playwright and essay writer, died.
7/26/1975 Anti-government demonstrations held in Gujarat, defying the emergency law prohibiting such demonstrations.
7/26/1991 Indian, UN Observer Mission in El Salvador joined (ONUSAL from Jul 1991 To Apr 1995).
7/26/1991 Tamil Nadu and Karnataka observe bandh over Cauvery water issue.
7/26/1993 Swami Chinmayananda is named 1992 Hindu of the Year for a lifetime of dynamic service to Sanatana Dharma worldwide. He attained 'mahasamadhi' on July 26 at age 77.
7/26/1994 Government rejects JPC report on securities scandal.
7/26/2000 The Centre imposes a ban on employing children belowing 14 years as domestic servants by all Government employees in the All India services at the insistence of the NHRC.


Other Historical Dates and Events
11/5/1927Lord Irwin, Viceroy of India, met Gandhiji, S.Shriniwas Iyengar and M.A. Ansari Congress leaders at New Delhi.
12/8/1857Mohsini from Delhi was hanged in jail.
9/25/1997India clinches the Red & White Latif Masters International Snooker title in Karachi.
2/2/1921Mukundrao Kirloskar was born.
7/5/1857Baigum Hazrat Mahal again attack on Lucknow.
7/13/1964Utpal Chatterjee, cricketer (Bengal slow left-arm bowler), was born in Calcutta.
4/13/1699Khalsa Panth established.
1/1/1862Indian Penal Code and code of Criminal Procedure passed on October 6, 1860 came into force.
2/14/1881Rajendra Lal Dutta and M.M.Basu established the first Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital in Calcutta.
6/1/1874East India Company was dissolved.