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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
02/04/1318 Banka Mahar, 'bhagwatbhakt', passed away by taking Samadhi.
02/04/1628 Shahjahan was enthroned and proclaimed emperor at Agra.
02/04/1757 Lord Clive remained unsuccessful after sending two ambassadors to make treaty with Siraj -Ud -Daula, while he was marching towards Calcutta.
02/04/1909 Narayan Dattatreya Sane, two test cricket umpire 1959-60, left-hand opening batsman and fast bowler, was born at Vidarbha.
02/04/1910 New Press Censorship bill announced; govt. say repressive measures necessary to halt unrest.
02/04/1924 Mahatma Gandhi released from prison unconditionally at Bombay.
02/04/1924 Kocheril Raman Narayan, ninth Vice President of India and now president of India, was born.
02/04/1934 Madhusudan Das ""Utkal Gourab"", passed away. He was described as a great Indian patriot, who wore himself out is giving shape and reality to various nation-building schemes. He wrote a number of articles and poems both in Oriya, English and Bengali to fill people with enthusiasm and patriotism. He was the first non-official Vice Chairman and then Chairman of Cuttack District Board.
02/04/1938 Birju Maharaj, famous Kathak Dancer ""Guru"", was born.
02/04/1944 Japanese attack Indian Seventh Army at Burma
02/04/1946 Dr. Satnarayan Nathulal Jatiya was born in Jawad, Distt. Mandsaur (Madhya Pradesh).
02/04/1948 Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) banned. Finance Minister announces nationalisation of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) after Sept 30, 1948.
02/04/1948 Rakeshchandra Satchidananda Shukla, cricket leg-spinner (1 Test India v Sri Lanka 1982), was born in Kanpur.
02/04/1953 Indo-Pak talk on Kashmir opened under Dr. Graham in Geneva.
02/04/1973 India's then biggest commercial ship merchant fleet 88,000 DWT super tanker ""Jawaharlal Nehru"" commenced its services for the Nation.
02/04/1974 Satyendra Nath Bose, a noted mathematician, professor and physicist, passed away at Calcutta. He contributed greatly to statictical mechanics, the electromagnetic properties of ionosphere, the therories of X-ray crystallography and thermoluminescence, and unified field theory. Bose instituted ""Planck's Law and the Hypothesis of Light Quana"" in 1924.
02/04/1976 Lok Sabha's life extended by one year.
02/04/1990 Ernakulam was declared the first totally literate district in India.
02/04/1991 An abortive bid to hijack a Calcutta-Agartala flight by a 24-year old youth.
02/04/1992 National Renewal Fund for industries set up.
02/04/1993 D. C. Kothari, famous scientist and educationalist, passed away.
02/04/1994 India elected to the executive boards of UNDP, UN Population Fund and UNICEF.


Other Historical Dates and Events
09/15/1926Vande Mataram', a lengthy feature film produced by Vande Mataram Film Co, Bombay, was prohibited on September 15 by the Censor Board on the grounds that it was an underlying attack on the prestige of University Education in India. The film, however, was cleared on December 7 after deleting the objectionable scenes.
05/29/1968Dara Singh becomes the world wrestling champion.
06/21/1814Gilbert Aliat Minto, Governor General of East Indian Company, died.
11/11/1992S.Bangarappa resigns as the CM of Karnataka.
03/01/1908A.E.T. Barrow, educationist, was born.
04/27/1920Dr. Manibhai Desai, great Gandhian leader and Magssese Awardee, was born.
05/20/1498Admiral Dom Vasco-da-Gama (c.1469-1524)-I, Count of Vidigueira, met the Jamerin of Calicut after arriving in India three days ago at Malabar Coast. He was joined by an experienced Gujarati pilot at Malindi. He was the 6th Governor and 2nd Viceroy of India.
07/19/1993Girilal Jain, senior journalist, passed away.
07/08/1996Tamil Nadu Govt. moves SC for fresh directions to Karnataka govt. for release of 15 tmc. ft. of water.
11/20/1969The Union Home Ministry decides to reserve posts for SC\STs in the public sector undertakings.