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Historical Event on 7/26/1910

Unrest flares up in the Deccan region of India. Demand grows for self-determination.

Other Historical Dates and Events
2/16/1923Vishnu Moreshwar Mahajani, famous author, poet and playwright, passed away.
3/30/1997Congress Party withdraws support to the 10-month old H. D. Deve Gowda Government at the centre, and stakes its claim to form an alternative government.
5/1/1886May Day was first observed in Chicago, USA. Work, Social activities, Rest, for 8 Hours.
6/24/1901John Thottam (Sir Marry Benigna C.D.) Marry, great poetess and teacher, was born in Elangi village at Kerala.
1/16/1916Amat Debananda, politician, was born in Balani village at Orissa .
12/3/1955In exercise of the powers conferred by the provision in Article 343 (2) of the constitution, orders were issued for the use of Hindi language in addition to the English language for specific purposes of the union.
4/23/1858Pandita Ramabai, social reformer and philosopher, was born in the State of Mysore.
12/24/1997Congress(I) splits in Bihar with Dr. Jagannath Mishra and Ram Lakhan Singh Yadav floating iits regional outfit, ""Bihar Jan Congress
5/25/1924Ashutosh Mukerjee, famous educationalist, passed away in Dumraon at Bihar .
4/24/1944Shivprasad Gupta, philanthropist, freedom fighter and educationist, passed away.