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Historical Event on 3/25/1905

Mirza Rasid Ali Baig, famous Indian politician, was born.

Other Historical Dates and Events
6/25/1992BJP bags eleven seats in the biennial elections to the Rajya Sabha, Congress (I) secures seven.
6/7/1979Bhaskara-I, first experimental satellite for Earth resources/meteorology remote sensing and the Second Satellite of India, launched. This satellite carried TV and microwave cameras. It was launched by Russian launch vehicle 'Intercosmos'.
8/23/1989Pandit Krishnarao Shankarrao, great singer of 'Gwalher Gharana', passed away.
7/20/1911Mohammed Baqa Jilani Khan, Indian cricket fast bowler (Test 1936), was born in Jullandur.
1/15/1971Dinanath Damodar Dalal, great artist, passed away.
10/24/1975Bounded labour system was abolished by Ordinance
4/10/1935Vasudevaru Kesavaru (K.V. Manalikkera), famous writer and poet, was born at Madras.
12/13/1994Vishwanath Annappa Tatyasaheb Kore, Padmashri awardee, passed away.
5/13/1918Balasarswati, famous dancer of Bharat Natyam, was born.
11/10/2000R.M. Shankara and Rashmi Kumari lift men's and women's title in the World carrom championship in New Delhi.