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Historical Event on 1/25/1917

Captain P.K. Sahgal, freedom fighter who attended Indian Military Academy course at Dehradun, was born at Hoshiarpur.

Other Historical Dates and Events
1/9/1916Ramkrishna Ramnarayan Ruia, great industrialist, was born.
7/1/1991Rupee devalued by 8.5\%.
9/9/1991Gold ornaments pledged by the Goans to the Portugese bank returned to owners.
10/15/1918Shirdi ke Saibaba' better known as 'Saibaba' passed away at Shirdi near Nashik, Maharashtra. He was around 70. Born in a Brahmin family at Patri village in Hyderabad, he was saint to all caste and creed people.
2/3/1954More than 500 pilgrims died in an accident on the river bank at the ""Kumbha Mela"" in Allahabad.
2/9/1898The Rower of Persia', a short film produced at Calcutta was released on February 9 at Star Theatre, Calcutta.
7/4/1902Swami Vivekanand (Narendra Vishwanath Dutta), Indian religious leader and social reformer, died at Memorial Rock, KanyaKumari. His brilliant career came to a sudden end only at the age of 39.
2/24/1994Sharp increase in freight rates in the 1994-95 Railway budget; Pre-budget Economic Survey puts GDP growth in 1993-94 at 3.8\%.
1/30/1991Union Government dismisses Karunanidhi government. President's rule imposed in Tamil Nadu.
1/21/1820Dalpat Rai, modern Gujrati poet, was born.