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Historical Event on 1/1/1862

Indian Penal Code and code of Criminal Procedure passed on October 6, 1860 came into force.

Other Historical Dates and Events
12/14/1979Nirode Ranjan Chowdhury, cricketer, two Tests for India and bowling average of 205, died.
2/19/1861Rani Rashmoni, great nationalist, who compelled the British to abolish the tax imposed on fishing in the river, ingeniously blocking the trade and commerce on the part of Ganges, passed away.
2/21/1959Press Club of India was founded in New Delhi.
2/4/1992National Renewal Fund for industries set up.
7/23/1904The Great Indian Peninsula Railway started First Class restaurant cars on its mail trains.
3/12/1942British troops vacate the Andaman in Gulf of Bengal.
12/17/1740Chimaji Appa, Peshwa warrior, died.
7/3/199625 to 30\% hike in prices of petroleum products.
8/4/1997Supreme Court declares that the Rashtrapati Bhavan press communique of 23/1/1992 on a proposal to confer the Bharat Ratna 'posthumously' on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose ""should be treated as cancelled"", as the proposal was dropped by the Government in deference to the sentiments expressed by the public and his family members.
9/4/1993Lawyers all over the country decide to abolish addresses like 'My Lord', 'Your Lordship' and replace them with 'Sir', 'Your Honour,' etc.