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Historical Event on 12/27/1987

Vijaypal Singh sets a record for TJ in 16.79s at Trivandrum .

Other Historical Dates and Events
5/5/1930Gandhiji was arrested and imprisoned without trial. As a result there was ''hartal'' (strike)all over India. Over 100,000 people were jailed before the end of the year.
6/27/1915Khanderao Moreshwar Rangnekar, 3 test matches, 33 runs, vs Australia in 1947-48, was born at Mumbai.
8/10/1758Marathas won the Atak.
5/10/1992Dr. D.S.Tyagi, Chairman of the Agricultural Costs and Prices Commission, was shot dead by suspected Sikh terrorists in Delhi.
6/9/1957General Election ( 2nd) of India ends.
1/25/2000The Government awards Padma Vibhushan to R.K. Narayan, Dr.M.S. Gill; Padma Bhushan for Rajnikant and Padmashri for A.R. Rehman.
10/26/1932Indian Muslim leader demands that Gandhi be released from prison. The Viceroy responded that this was only possible if Gandhi disassociated himself from the civil disobedience campaign.
12/14/1999G.M.C. Balayogi, Lok Sabha speaker, presents a draft for over Rs. 32 lakhs to the Prime Minister for the Kargil Fund.
12/14/1999Firuz Shah Bahmani died.
11/20/1993RBI clears two more private banks: The Times Bank Ltd. and the Indus Ind Bank Ltd.