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Historical Event on 12/4/1999

A batch of 1,690 Indian soldiers leave for Sierra Leone to join the U.N. Mission to implement the peace accord.

Other Historical Dates and Events
6/6/1962General Election ( 3rd) of India ends.
1/14/1995Ban on VHP re-imposed.
11/20/1942Attri Devi, freedom fighter, was arrested for further six months. She was earlier arrested for personal satyagraha and to hoist the national flag in Delhi Central Jail on January 26.
12/14/199410 IAF personnel of the first batch were reinducted and the last batch left on 20th Dec 94. Cpl Nasir was left as a lying casualty due to injuries sustained in the RPG explosion.
8/15/1947The Defence department becomes the Ministry of Defence under a Cabinet Minister. Each service was placed under its own Commander-in-Chief. Under the Constitution, the supreme command of the Armed Forces was vested with the President.
6/1/1992S.K. Datta became the director of Central Bureau of Investigation (till 31/07/93).
12/11/1908New law suspends trial by jury and increases penalties for 'sedition.'
7/17/1948Govt. announced that all discriminations against women in matter of employment will be done away with and in future, women will be eligible for any public service including administrative sevice and police service.
5/3/1962Hundreds of Muslims are killed in clashes with Hindus in West Bengal.
10/13/1911Ashok Kumar Ganguly, famous film actor, was born. He is the recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke Award.