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Historical Event on 9/28/1985

The first Indian Army expedition, sailing around the world in a small 37 feet fibre glass yacht named ""Trishna"", sailed off from Bombay. (10-1-87).

Other Historical Dates and Events
6/13/1999The Indian army secures the strategic Tololing peak in the Dras sector.
1/18/1913Gandhiji refers in ''Indian Opinion'' the possibility of return home to India by mid-year.
4/26/1813Swati Tirunal Ramavarma, outstanding composer of Carnatic music in Kerala, was born in a royal family of Travancore.
9/15/1860M. Visveswarayya, maker of modern Karnataka, was born. He was a notable engineer too.
12/1/1989V. P. Singh is named the new prime minister.
5/18/1933Gandhiji commences at noon 21 days' fast for self-purification; released unconditionally at 9 p.m.
4/28/1952The war between Japan and India ended.
4/7/2000The Delhi police unearth a multicrore cricket betting and match- fixing racket involving five South African cricketers, including the captain Hansie Cronje. A Delhi-based Indian operator Rajesh Kalra put behind bars.
3/27/2000After more than two-and-a-half-years, a Delhi court resumes trial in the St. Kitts forgery case following Delhi High Court's order upholding the lower court's verdict on framing of charges.
11/5/1956Nehru breaks silence condemning Soviets for repression in Hungary.