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Historical Event on 9/21/1857

Bahadurshah Jafar - II surrendered against the British troops.

Other Historical Dates and Events
4/30/1908Khudiram Bose along with Prafulla Chaki had planned to throw a bomb at a carriage supposed to be carrying the tyrannical magistrate Kingsford. Unfortunately he was betrayed and was caught and finally was sentenced to death.
2/22/1997India outplays Poland in the final hockey `Test' and win series 2-0.
10/2/1950Persis Khambatta, famous actress (Star Trek, Megaforce), was born in Bombay.
3/3/1990JD-BJP coalition government in Gujarat, Chimanbhai Patel to become CM; Sharad Pawar in Maharashtra and Bhairon Singh Shekhewat of BJP to head the BJP-JD coalition government in Rajasthan.
11/20/1888Gurunath Bewoor, director general, was born at Bewoor village, district Bijapur.
7/19/1763Mir Kasim was defeated in 'Katwa' battle by Britishers.
12/5/1946Dada Maharaj Satarkar passed away.
3/14/1895Nihalsing Gurumukh, former Chief Minister of Delhi and Governer of Rajasthan, was born.
6/3/1915Sir' knighthood was granted to Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore by the British Government.
9/26/1979Charan Singh launches a new party called the Lok Dal.