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Historical Event on 9/21/1746

French expeditionary army occupies Labourdonnais & Dupleix Madras.

Other Historical Dates and Events
11/24/1941Indian infantry attacks German tanks at Sidi Omar.
8/9/1996Unofficial estimates put black money in the country at Rs. 70,000 crore, i.e. 6\% of GDP.
9/27/1989Hemanta Kumar Mukherjee, noted playback singer and music director, died.
11/1/1992Indirabai Khadilkar, famous singer, died.
3/27/1991Chautala recommends Assembly dissolution.
2/4/1946Dr. Satnarayan Nathulal Jatiya was born in Jawad, Distt. Mandsaur (Madhya Pradesh).
1/19/1839Aden conquered by British East India Company.
4/21/1990The first indigenously built missile cruiser boat, 'Vibhuti', was inaugurated and launched.
4/5/1984Rakesh Sharma,Squadron leader, becomes India's first spaceman when he is launched aboard Soyuz T-11 of Soviet Union.
12/30/1803East India Comapny captured Dehli, Agra and Bharooch.