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Historical Event on 7/26/1922

Girilal Jain, famous journalist and editor, was born.

Other Historical Dates and Events
4/9/1783Tipu Sultan drives out English from Bednoor, India.
12/19/1994K. A. P. Vishwanathan, famous Tamil author, passed away.
3/11/1963Mahomed Nissar, 6 Tests for India 1932-36, 25 wkts @ 28.28, passed away.
11/18/1994Bipinchandra Joshi, cheif of Army and General, passed away at the age of 54 years.
3/30/1977Swami Agnivesh merged his 'Bhartiya Aryasabha Party' in Janata Party.
1/1/1851Publication of Marathi newspaper 'Gyanoday'.
3/17/1991The first Indian Remote Sensing Satellite IRS-IA completes three years of successful operation. (18-3-91).
10/21/1997Himachal Pradesh Assembly goes global with inauguration of its website on the Internet.
7/5/2000Rachita Mistry breaks P.T. Usha's long-standing record in 100m (11.39s) clocking 11.26s in the National circuit meet in Bangalore.
8/19/1946Cabinet Mission's plan announced an interim government, which was formed by reconstituting the Viceroy's Executive Council. The Muslim League took umbrage and started direct action. Riots broke out as Muslims attacked Hindu's in Calcutta and the rest of Bengal. The Viceroy persuaded the Muslim League to join the government. But the League declined to join the Constituent Assembly unless the demand for a seperate state of ""Pakistan"" was conceded.