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Historical Event on 7/26/1614

Jahangir captured Mewar from Rana Amar Singh. A treaty was signed. In the Mughal court, Rana and his son were treated with exceptional courtesy.

Other Historical Dates and Events
7/6/199339 people were killed and three officials abducted in J&K .
1/24/1994India sends six proposals to Pakistan to resolve bilateral problems.
2/11/1906Daily Tribune' started its printing from Lahore.
1/6/1987An International Conference to commemorate the 75 anniversary of the African National Congress opens in New Delhi.
10/21/1950China invades Tibet.
4/19/1960Meeting of Afro-Asian Conference at New Delhi.
1/8/1993Dr. P.C. Alexander appointed Governor of Maharashtra.
7/15/1917Tukaram Tanaji Sawant, educationist and famous Hindi writer, was born at Pokharam, (Maharashtra).
5/28/1970All India Trade Union Congress was divided.
5/17/1999Sonia Gandhi resigns as Congress president but the CWC(I) rejects it.