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Historical Event on 6/29/1992

Congress (I) nominates K. R. Narayanan for the Vice-Presidentship.

Other Historical Dates and Events
12/11/1922Dilip Kumar, famous film actor, was born.
4/1/2000India wins four golds in the under-14 Youth chess championship in Teheran.
2/3/1969Thiru Conjeevaram Natrajan Annadurai ""Anna"", a great patriot, writer, editor, orator, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and the commencer of Dravid Movement, passed away. He was the key person in formation of Anna Dramuk Party.
3/21/1995A.K. Antony elected CM of Kerala.
4/15/1976India announces it will send an envoy to Peking, first time in 15 years.
9/3/1915Following the monsoon, a good harvest is expected, except in Gujarat, in northern Rajputana and Punjab where isolated falls were recorded in Delhi.
10/1/1990Justice Ranganath Mishra appointed Chief Justice of Supreme Court.
8/18/1700Bajirao I, the second peshwa, was born.
8/20/1921The Mopla revolt, one of the important uprisings of India, was started at Kerala.
8/9/1952New Delhi reports that 20 mil. Indian peasants were imperiled by crop failures.