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Historical Event on 4/13/1699

Khalsa Panth established.

Other Historical Dates and Events
7/12/1994India expels Pak diplomat; Indian attache tortured in Islamabad.
7/2/1757Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula was captured and assassinated. He was stabbed with a knife by Muhammad Beg at the instance of Miran, son of Mir Zafar.
1/22/1858Veer Narayan Singh, freedom fighter, was sentenced to death.
8/14/199315 bus passengers massacred in J&K.
12/25/1880Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, a nationalist Muslim leader, politician and journalist, was born at Yusufpur in Uttar Pradesh.
4/24/199824 persons are killed and 28 injured when some bogies of a goods train break free and roll back to collide with the stationary Manmad-Kacheguda Express at Parli Vaijnath in Maharashtra.
4/14/1963Maha Pandit Rahul Sanskrityayan, great Hindi writer, politician and professor, passed away at Darjeeling.
11/11/1866Patthe Bapurao (Shridhar Krishna Kulkarni), famous poet Shahir, was born.
1/22/1906Judge Jayantilal Chhotalal Shah, chief Justice and Supreme Court of India, was born.
9/28/1991Shankar Guha Niyogi, an active trade union leader of Madhya Pradesh, was shot dead by unknown assailants.