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Historical Event on 3/1/2000

Gopichand wins the Indian Oil Servo National badminton championship at Kochi-making it four in a row.

Other Historical Dates and Events
9/6/1995Salil Chaudhary, famous music director in Hindi film industry, passed away.
11/29/1996The Indian Journal of Medical Research brought out special issues, as part of the 85th year celebrations of ICMR, on Nutrition Research (November 1995) and Diarrhoeal Diseases (July, 1996). The ICMR Bulletin also brought out special issues on such topics as Nutrition, Tuberculosis, AIDS, Tribal Health, etc. so as to coincide with the theme selected for a particular month as part of the celebrations. As part of the global theme initiative coordinated by JAMA, USA, the January 1996 issue of the ICMR was devoted to 'Emerging and Re-emerging Infections'.
2/16/1994Military Museum established at Ahmadnagar.
11/22/1999A.B.Vajpayee, Prime Minister, expands cabinet as four more ministers join the ministry including Arun Shourie.
5/9/1993S. Mulgaokar, 82, journalist, passed away.
9/13/1998Dr. Justice Adarsh Sein Anand is appointed Chief Justice of India.
11/5/1996United Front suffers a setback with one of its constituents, the Madhya Pradesh Vikas party, deciding to walk out and merge with Congress (I).
5/23/1996Joint Opposition candidate Purno A. Sangma (Cong. MP from Meghalaya) unanimously elected Speaker of 11th Lok Sabha.
7/1/1930Vinodkumar C. Gupta, leader in Maharashtra, was born.
4/6/1956Dilip Balwant Vengsarkar, cricketer (prolific Indian batsman 1976-92),was born in Rajapur, Maharashtra. He has received Arjun Award (1981) and Padmashree (1987).