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Historical Event on 12/4/1999

Uman J. Shah is sworn in West Bengal Governor.

Other Historical Dates and Events
7/18/1857The Calcutta, Mumbai and Madras Universities were established.
10/2/1999Ban orders in Madhepura Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar.
6/22/1898The last total Solar Eclipse of 19th century was seen in India.
4/13/1947Diplomatic relations between India and Russia established.
1/29/1931Gandhiji sails for England as Congress delegate to Second Round Table Conference. This conference was attended by Madan Mohan Malaviya and Sarojini Naidu.
3/25/1905Mirza Rasid Ali Baig, famous Indian politician, was born.
4/17/1945Gandhiji, in a statement regarding the ensuing San Francisco Conference, says that 'peace is impossible without equality and freedom of India'. Also demands a just peace for Germany and Japan.
4/3/1994S.Bangarappa, former CM, launches his Karnataka Congress Party.
6/23/2000Indian journalist Palagummi Sainath gets Amnesty International Global award for human rights journalism..
7/5/1901B. N. Sircar, producer and founder of International Film Craft and New Theaters Ltd., Calcutta was born at Bhagalpur. His films are Boker Bojha, Chorekanta, Chasar Meye (1931).