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One 60-Minute Float Session at LUMEN Mind Body Float (31% Off)

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  • One 60-Minute Flotation

LUMEN Mind Body Float

LUMEN Mind Body Float specializes in relaxing sessions inside its Sensory Deprivation Cabins, large bubbles of tranquility filled with an ultra buoyant solution of warm water and 1300 pounds of Epsom salt. The spot also offers services like massage therapy, infrared-sauna sessions, NeurOptimal brain training, and ARX Adaptive Resistance Exercise. Utilizing a combination of LUMEN’s services helps customers work towards optimal health and vitality. For instance, scheduling a relaxing pre-float massage treatment can help visitors achieve deeper benefits from their float session. The infrared sauna, on the other hand, can be the perfect follow up to an intense ARX workout, helping to speed recovery, release toxins, lessen stress, and stimulate the immune system.

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